Partnership-2-Gether: Sha'ar Hanegev- San Diego

Partnership-2-Gether is a vibrant network of partner communities under the auspices of the Jewish Agency.  The Partnership creates and supports long-term social connections between Jewish communities in Israel and around the world, with an emphasis on Jewish identity and joint undertakings.

The program connects some 450 Jewish communities around the world through 45 Partnerships and approximately 10,000 volunteers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Each year Partnership volunteers engage in issues of importance in the Jewish world as they cross-fertilize ideas and mutually support endeavors, mainly in the areas of community and education.  Together, they create fertile ground for economic and social development.

General information

Partnership 2Gether connects the Jewish Community of San Diego with Sha'ar Hanegev since 1998. The Partnership creates a bond and a sense of mutual responsibility between our people. We are constantly looking for new initiatives and projects, keeping our strong existing relationship, and expanding the circles of partnership.

The Partnership has created projects such as:

  • Starting up-2-Gether, a project that enables an easier start-up process for entrepreneurs in the region.  Currently the second cycle of the project is kicking off.  Starting up-2-Gether offers a special four-month course that assists businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out through personal advice, building a business plan, contacting investors and more.  The course is led by Noga Golst of the Small Business and Initiatives Unit in Sha'ar Hanegev.      
  • Kolnoar: Using the medium of psychodrama for treating trauma, conducted by the Lahav organization and the Hosen Center.  The project was carried out in Nahal Oz in 2012-2013 and is currently coming out with a new project in Kfar Aza.  You can view a short film created by Kolnoar participants here: 
  •  Cinema Bridge: Sending films created in the region to the San Diego Film Festival.  The goal of the project is to generate discourse and dialogue concerning the subject of 'home and where we live'.  This year a film created by Ronit Ifargan entitled Border Living was sent to the Festival.  You may view a clip here:
  • School Twinning: A Sha'ar Hanegev school maintains a close relationship with different schools in San Diego in the framework of a school twinning project.  Orna Wolf, a 4th grade homeroom teacher, guides a classroom connection with a parallel classroom at San Diego Jewish Academy.  Children on both sides exchange greetings on holidays as our children benefit by being able to practice their English (among other things).
  • Youth counselor delegation: This is the second year in which youth counselors in our local communities are preparing for a different sort of counseling assignment—serving as camp counselors at two camps run by San Diego youth movements.  In July, 13 youth counselors who have already served for two or three years in the local community will depart for three weeks of a once in a lifetime experience.  They will deliver the knowledge they've gained over their years of counseling in Israel for the benefit of San Diego children; in doing so, they will strengthen our shared basis of values including Jewish identity, Israel, dialogue and more. 



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